Our services

The reception

We welcome you every day in 2017 from June 2th to October 2th:

- from june 2th to 16th: from 10am to 12.30 and from 4.30pm to 7pm

- from june 17th to july 7th: from 9am to 12.30 and from 2pm to 7pm

- from july 8th to august 25th: from 8am to 12.30 and from 2pm to 8pm

- from august 26th to september 24th: from 9am to 12.30 and from 2pm to 7pm

- from septembre 25th to october 2th: from 10am to 12.30 and from 4.30pm to 7pm

(and according to the posted reception opening hours)


The arrivals are registered from 2pm. Pitches must be freed necessarily at 12am.

Any overtaking (arrived early before 2pm or late departure after 12) is submitted to our availability and will pull a supplement. 

The departures must be indicated the day before. The balance of the stay is to be settled at the latest the day before departure.


We guide you to your pitch with a great pleasure to show you its limits.

The night watchman welcomes you from june 17th to septembre 24th until 11pm in his chalet in front of the reception.

The campsite is closed between 11pm and 6.30am. After 11pm it is not possible anymore to go in and we request you to park your vehicle on the car park or on the natural area.

You will find

At the reception:

Grocer's shop - General food - Cleaning products - Technical Products - Ice creams - Ice cubes

Breads and croissants to order - Local products - Fresh and hot drinks

Tourist information - Maps and topo guides for hiking and mountain biking

Free and unlimited WIFI access (until 100 m around the reception) - Library

Laundry (washing machine and dryer with 1€ coins)

Loan of balls, ping-pong rackets and games - Loan of parasols - Loan of BBQ railing

Loan of bio-bucket to compost your organic waste - Mail service and weather information


In the campsite:

Two BBQ area: one on foot and one on the floor - A covered picnic area

Service area for camper-van: drain away grey waters (dishes) and black waters (toilets)

points of drinkable water and a point to fill clean water